National Cultural Information

During this time only hears the cries of his infant son torn, causing her to scream and cry desperately to go crazy and then disappear in the vast plain. His appearances always done on the roads and paths where revelers roam men. It is characterized by its beauty that appeals to men who fall into your network and are then invited to spend a night of love in your home. Once the couple are in the room when the traveler begins to kiss her, she began to grow large tusks which devours his guest and then disappears and expelling emitting piercing screams of pain from the savannah. Superstitions and Omens is believed that the cow's udder is damaged when you stop pouring the milk in the hot topia. Those with businesses, especially shops and warehouses and protect them with a sprig of aloe that hangs behind the door, avoid making the first sale of the day a woman. The Plainsman mounted on the side says he left because the right side mount the devil. When a butterfly or a bumblebee enter a house they say it will come visit.

If the butterfly is black can get bad news. It is said that coffee should not be taken cold, because in this way is easy to make potions. Is said to cause damage to a business is salt waters. This will lower sales and will drop you a wink to the establishment. The Plainsman believes that if for some reason a newborn or a few months have contact with people who have been at a wake is sick by the "dead ice" and gives "Suter", which is the pattern of child destruction should be tripe. If a curlew passes singing about a girl come home, if a child will spend two. If you spend three, or odd number, will be a girl. It is believed that if a lemon rubs the bite of a dog, having left half of the lemon in the tree when it is dry and fall, fall is the dog's teeth.

It makes it certain that, after get the heart of a thatch (Hummingbird) and toast and make a kind of ointment lizard butter and add a fine perfume, the spread on the palm of the hand a little of this spell the person shall be responsible to love when he gets adjudicated mentally hand. The prairie believe that the snakes are biting on the savannah in the hours when the sun is not strong: until 9:00 am and after 4:00 pm The dogs howl or cry when they see the devil or when it will someone dying in the house. The flame of the stove stirring a noise especially when going to come visit. Monkeys are evil angels who were not able to go to hell and fell to the ground. The prairie is superstitious. So believe in bad blood, that is the force that emanates from some people, usually with clear eyes. Pregnant women and men who have had sex the night before, make bad blood. The rainbow comes from the tail of a cat hidden in bushes. If someone finds it and the cat look at that person will die, because the meat is falling apart will do. Those buried in jewelry and farms are dying, grieving and fear are at the burial site until it removed. Pariah dog collar you put a lemon for healing. Lemons suck dry the plague. Ministry of National Cultural Information.

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