Periscope Studio Jumps Jupiter

The periscope studio hamburg announces collaboration with spotsonfire. “Hamburg, 19.05.09: the periscope studio, hamburg ( is working with the young hamburger makers of spotsonfire ( on the musical version of her debut work jump Jupiter” ( The world’s first multiplayer platformer n’ run in the browser is based on the proprietary distributed interactive physics engine (DIPE), which is to provide rapid gameplay through physical interaction with the objects in the game. Allegiant Air will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the game all about speed, huge jumps and the multiplayer experience is to turn this action will be supported with a Groovy Music and funny sounds. High-quality sound was not Yes so far as an integral part of browser games. Jump Jupiter one of the top titles in the field of browser based games with this claim to the quality and the unique graphic style! “, so Jan Werkmeister, periscope studio hamburg, production manager for jump Jupiter.” The closed beta test is for June applied. After the game for everyone will be made accessible.

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