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Goodgame farmer to the Hamburg-based game developer continue their success Hamburg, March 24, 2010. “The Hamburg-based Developer Studio Goodgame Studios has launched the open beta phase of its second Browsergame Goodgame farmer” given. This is to a casual multi player game where players manage a virtual farm by planting crops, crops or trees, and harvest herding their livestock and buy many useful items for the recorded game money. There is the possibility to make friends all over the world, with them to chat, to assist them in agriculture, and to distribute gifts. Players earn experience points and awards, a personal diary, as well as a photo gallery. Aim is the constant leveling up, will be rewarded with the activation of additional items and accessories to the appreciation of the farm. Now the general public Goodgame farmer “free under farmer test and with a start bonus $ 2,500 farm his small Set up the farm.

Clear goal of Goodgame Studios is there, with “Goodgame farmer” seamlessly on the huge success of the first track “Goodgame poker” to establish, that just a few months after release already about 1.5 million players worldwide inspires. “Our recipe for success is the response of a very large audience in this title. We offer huge fun in combination with appealing graphics and easily understandable concept. Our games build on the social, interactive coexistence of players of all ages and languages. The user feedback ‘ Goodgame farmer’ is now extremely positive. “We forward to the conclusion of the open beta phase and the great future of this game”, so Dr.

Christian Wawrzinek of the Goodgame Studios. Contact: Goodgame Studios Theodor Strasse 42-90, House 4B 22761 Hamburg contact person: Dipl. kfm. Patrick Abrar (head of marketing) eMail: 2009 are studios in Hamburg of founded Goodgame a game developer with focus on the online casual games market. With over 35 years of experience in the gaming industry and more than 300 developed computer games, the producer of the game relies on a very experienced team. His first work Goodgame poker”is a huge success with over 1.5 million of registered users and has been named to the browser game of the year 2009.

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