Reduction Of The Founding Grant Comes Earlier Than Planned!

As founder now quickly take advantage of their subsidy to Gorlitz, 01 June 2011 (jk) – the cuts planned by the Federal Government in the founding grant already into force on November 1, 2011. And therefore 5 months earlier than previously planned. The haste with which this reduction to be implemented now shows that officials hope for big savings. What does this mean for unemployed people who want to become self-employed? Up to 31.10.2011 can still the requests to the current”conditions be submitted: a. 9 months x ALG I + 300,-b. 6 months x 300,-payment presupposes that there is still an ALG I claim of at least 90 days.

From the 1.11.2011 only requests to the new terms and conditions may be submitted: a. 6 months x ALG I + 300,-b. 9 months x 300,-requires the payment, that still an ALG I claim at least 120 days (= 6 months) consists. People who are now unemployed and entitled an ALG-I-12 months, reach even the date 31 Oct 2011. Who is but only make the 15.11.2011 independently want or can, which no longer has usually to the 15.11.2011 the new minimum entitlement 6 months or 120 days ALG I claim! Everyone who is now unemployed must be grounded until the 31 of Oct 2011, otherwise he can apply for a Foundation grant. The Foundation grant will 1.11.2011 can performance. Connected with the expectation that can to be saved from right here, it must be assumed that the employment agencies will closely examine the business plans to be submitted with the application required. This means that for unprofessional or highly standardised business plans. Usually, the gang will be indispensable to the consultant. It is so worth to make independently before the key date! As the business plan for the submission must already exist founder during the creation must take into account a time delay! Contact with qualified consultants can be requested free of charge to the example on gruendungszuschuss.html.

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