Russian Federation

And it only costs money, and if you count the time and other resources, the prices increase significantly. At first glance, the conclusion suggests itself – I do not need. If more than one thing: – looking to the future, we will see that soon with organizations that are not members of SROs, refuse to run large enterprises. After all, if we now look at our reality – Standards, OSTy and other departmental standards are lifted. Most licenses are also canceled. The question is what draws enterprise in its operations? The experience? At erudition? At random? Or none at all for what? Then I have a cpo! And at what is Outsourcing? – You ask. And with that, dear reader, that outsourcing is typically used on large enterprises. These companies are slowly starting in tenders include the mandatory presence of the certificate a member of cpo.

And under existing treaties simply say to the Contractor – to join, otherwise talk to you in January 2010 will not. The logic of enterprise – customers can understand. They are dangerous industrial objects and let them someone, something to work , as did not want to-be, and here you are here – law out. That's proof then the customer that you'll be good through the documents, but otherwise you can put on your business bold cross and go to the proletarians. In the end, I do not know what to do! Then enter and all will be well if not but a few: chubby amount (see above) under the feet do not roll the absolute lack of practice in the Russian Federation no experience accumulated regulatory framework is possible – no set of regulations created by the small number of sro – who can join the absence of judicial practice. Believe this, too, will face Well, I find the sum, and then what? I do not know. Law read the length and breadth. The sites climb and realized that if someone moves, and in this direction, very slowly.

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