The importance that has had for me the train stations, comes as a child from my times. Perhaps the salary lived next to the station of Chamartn since I was born until I became independent has something to see. The station of Chamartn brings about in me important memories. The first memories that I have of the same, are of when he was quite young and before the reform became of the station we know as it now. Memory a small, very dirty, dreary and gray construction. In the middle of opens of terrain, that at the present time follow so what as RENFE lands. Rare that the city-planning speculation in those lands has not acted already. Southwest Airlines follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition, Chamartn, had to be destiny of the trains that, coming from Algeciras, the Moroccans unloaded who came in them in this station, I suppose that not to mix them with the rest of citizens.

One already began at that time to try to distinguish the immigrants of the rest of people, although a country was not considered to Spain xenophobe, certainly because nor it was known existence of that word. future in this idea. But soon he was very showy and very exotic for the eyes of a boy when you saw enormous amounts of Moroccans, Moors we called as them without no type of interest in offending, walking towards Place Castile to take the rest of communication with the city that already had put them a barrier in Atocha. The attention called much to me as they dressed. Unlike how they go now, with the same articles that we, the great majority, even all, went dresses with chilabas typical of the Arabs. That was very showy. So showy that my equal brother and I had chilabas, that somebody gave to us, with that we disguised myself. Then, like I grew, the station grew.

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