The Family

We live in a society, where the consumerism says high more than an affection, a colloquy, an attention, a comprometimento ahead of the life. Today the son already is born asking for to an I Pod, a tennis Nicke, a mark bermuda shorts, not question nor if he speaks in love, because the love does not exist, synonymous of one normal family, does not exist in the context family of today. There the cursed Drug enters, the drug penetrates in the lack of the son, in the lack of I dialogue or time of the parents with the son whom in exchange ephemeral luxuries give that nothing have to see with love, presence, affection, fondle, understanding, tolerance ahead of the difficulties of a new to be when it so arrives at this world poludo of negative paradigms, that they poison what he consists to have a family. The utopia to believe many moments that we are immune to any type of paradigm that we ahead live deeply of these three elements of the heading of this article sends in them in a certainty of that if not to stop to evaluate where and as we can change they, it will make in them to walk for one lives deeply mainly that it will be at least the destruction in mass of the family, if we will be sending in them for the decades of 60, 70, when the family and its solidity were most important. If not to start to see that we need urgent a reform to start inside of in exactly, we will not be able more to add in our ways the word family, because family always was and it will always be the synthesis of an union, where a set of values exists, indispensable to the human being, most important of them, the love.

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