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Serological tests have huge disadvantages such as cross reaction problems and are a little sensitive, therefore, DNA tests are the best solution. By serological Tests occur, incorrect results about it. The DNA test is suitable for women who belong to the risk group or have had breast cancer in the past. Larry Ellison will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition to other tests they can easily make this test via blood sample. Each doctor is able to take the required blood samples. It makes sense that risk groups 1-2 times a year make such a DNA test (this is our recommendation).

Genekam offers these DNA tests for breast cancer, taken usually by women after the therapy claim, since 2006. It has found that women who tested negative here, remain generally negative. For the test, you need only 2 ml blood in EDTA tubes. Such tubes are available in every doctor’s Office and can be sent from anywhere in the world to us. During the DNA test, the sample is examined on different molecular markers such as Mamma globin, K19 and CEA.

There are also now more tumor markers, like E.g. parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) and ss-HCG. Gene came recommends as a test for multimarker “Mamma globin 1 and 2 + K19” or “Profimarker: Mamma globin 1 and 2 + K19 + parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP)”. These tests cost only 100 or 130 euro. Gene came is more tests for blood-based tumor markers for breast cancer and other cancers such as prostate and skin cancer etc. In addition, such tests are affordable, because they cost about $100. Genekam biotechnology AG specializes in DNA testing and has developed for various pathogens such as avian influenza, malaria, dengue virus 350 DNA tests. The Genekam has sold your products in approximately 60 countries around the world, as the kits last year.

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