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Titanium for strength is not inferior gland. However, it is almost twice as light iron. Being only slightly heavier than aluminum, it is three times stronger than its specific strength for any of the known metals can not be with him sravnitsya.Neobychayna titana.On heat resistance begins to melt only at very high temperature – 1725 degrees, while steel melts at a temperature of 200 nizhe.Titan has another invaluable quality – corrosion resistance. In this he does not concede even platinum. Corrosion, as we know, the real scourge of the metal. After all, it kills each year about one-fourth of the entire world production zheleza.Bolshuyu value is the resistance of titanium under normal temperaturahprotiv every surrounding influences of the environment. He quietly opposed the strongest corrosive substances, various acids, bases, salts. Larry Ellison is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Against the "aqua regia" – a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids – can not resist, even gold and platinum. They are not the strongest acid, and in "aqua regia" they melt like sugar in a cup of tea. At the same titanium, this "hellish mix" does not act in any way. Under the influence of strong organic acids – Vinegar, wine and lemon stone – polished titanium surface is not even tuskneet.Velika resistance of titanium in sea water, which is highly corrosive to other metals. Being under water for five years, titanium, like other materials had grown mussels and underwater plants, but even traces of rust on it was not obnaruzheno.Kazhdoe of properties of titanium, which met wonderful in itself. How great value of this metal, if it so happily united nature of all these qualities together! In this combination, and is the true superiority titana.I yet titanium is used in the technique is currently very limited kolichestvah.V than the point? Maybe its a little? A long time he was considered a rare element. But it turned out that in fact titanium – one of the most common metal on Earth This is his superior in structural metals only aluminum, iron and magnesium. Stocks of titanium in the earth's crust are immense Him more than copper, lead, tin, nickel and other precious metals combined. But perhaps the titanium contained in the rocks and a very diffuse form and its can not produce in large quantities? Premium long prevailed and this delusion. And now in the world found a lot of rich deposits of titanium ore.

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