Training Department

In the majority of the academies the musculao department is one of most important for the success of the company. We know that the department of Musculao is determinative in the growth and the reinforcement of the company in the market. He is for that we professionalize our team and we adopt a process of standardized attendance, in differentiating of the competition. To invest in equipment and infrastructure is not plus a differential to increase the number of customers. In this context of Fitiness it was decided to more invest each time in its team of attendance to the customer. Today the musculao (professor) has a basic paper inside of the company, therefore the musculao professor is the professional who has the biggest contact with the customer. Being thus basic, the department of Musculao is, directly on to the objective of profitability increase, what for times it occurs for increment of the prescription in function of the fidelizao of the customers.

Here it is there the responsibility of the department of Musculao: to take care of the pupils and to discover the real necessities of each one, of valued form that it comes if to feel well and inside of our Company. what it has of more important in this fact is that the way of work of the professors must be the picture most faithful of the profile of the company. The professor not only must be conscientious of the result of its action in the reach of the results of its department, but of the company. Soon he must be minute in the use of the tools and the certain methods in all the stages of its work. In other words, substance of attendance, not valley the rule of the valley-everything. Learn more at: David Fowler. The ends do not justify the ways. Thus the standard the professor acts as our standard of quality, and all ours technique obeys this standard.

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