Wedding Buffet

Instead of a power wedding feast or a banquet, some newlyweds arrange a buffet. Sometimes elementary do not have time because young immediately after registration ceremony go for a honeymoon, and sometimes due to lack of finances (we are all people with different income). However, sometimes a buffet table comes as an addition to the banquet and the wedding is arranged either before the walk (to back up forces) or predvoryaet banquet (in the case when the guests going ahead in the banquet hall and expect young people). The very title = buffet = comes from the French to a buffet =, which means that his fork = =, because the guests at the event are operating mostly snack forks. Traditionally, during the banquet guests eat and drink, standing at the tables, which are not the charge of the chairs. So convenient to take snacks and not lean, the tables for a buffet table should be somewhat higher than normal – about 90-100 cm, the calculation of the length and number of tables are based on the norms of 20-25 cm per person, thereby avoiding the crowding. The length of the table for the convenience of continuous service is not worth doing more than 10 meters. In addition to the basic cocktail party tables in the hall at the walls put utility tables for spare plates, glasses, appliances, towels, dirty dishes, as well as for ashtrays, matches and cigarettes. Buffet tables covered with a long-cloths, so that the ends of them from all sides of the table hung equally on approximately 5-10 cm from the floor.

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