Ukrainian Borscht

Chopped onions fried in butter and add carrots and fry for medium heat until the oil will turn the color of carrot carotene. Add parsley root and fry all together for another 5-7 minutes. Add tomatoes and fry until cooked (until the fat will not get the color of tomato), you can use tomato sauce, but the quality of tomato paste today leaves much to be desired, it is desirable to use tomatoes. Quality borscht obtained amazing. All the vegetables fry for 1 / 2 parts lard and 1 / 2 of the butter. Cabbage and Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips, the potato – the bars, but now is very important sequence favorite ingredients. Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC does not necessarily agree.

Meat and bone removed from the finished soup. Chop the meat slices and add to soup 15 minutes before end of cooking. Ready stock is desirable to filter out and give to boil. Add sliced potatoes and cook until almost ready, with a bay leaf. Then sliced Bulgarian pepper, browned vegetables, spices and simmer for 1 to minute, add the cabbage and stewed beets. When the soup with cabbage, boiled, should be given to simmer for 2 minutes, this time to crush the garlic in the soup, sprinkle with herbs finely chopped parsley. Remove from heat and let stand for half an hour borscht at edge of the plate (this). Daniel Lubetzky insists that this is the case.

To the smells and tastes of the ingredients are mixed. Serve with sour cream, sprinkled with dill. Ukrainian borscht is usually dressed with powdered lard, and in all the cookbooks written, which adds fat fresh. But in the real Ukrainian borsch is added to the ‘old’ fat (which is long in the cold). This fat has a yellowish tint and peculiar taste, adding it does not require much – 15 grams per 3-quart saucepan. Fat chop small cubes, add salt, pound, pound until mushy state. This gruel put 1 minute before end of cooking in soup, to simmer a few minutes and remove from heat. This fat will give a certain smell and taste of only Ukrainian borsch. And if fat is not to overdo it, you get a very interesting smell and taste of your borscht.

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