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It is treated to understand the process that takes to me the education and its unfoldings I intend, in this small reflection, to make possible a critical look, moved away from the trends televising, that, of a side, it sees the public power as solucionador of the problems in the transit, and, of other, as .causing genuinely ' ' eleito' ' of the clutter in the transit. In this direction, it does not have the necessity to find to who to accuse. However, I clarify that the objective of this thought cannot sending in them to the idea of that the public power does not have to assume the consequncias for so high index of traffic accidents in our city, but, over all, adding also the individual responsibilities of the qualified conductor. Not obstante, already in the first hours of that day, I witnessed there, in the traffic light, five advances of red signal and two conversions forbidden to the left. I was sent, then, to a publication of Pablo Kossa, journalist, master in communication for the UFG-GO, dated of day 02 of March of 2011, in the periodic one, the Daily one of the Morning, where it spoke, amongst other things, that: ' ' the fact is that fine little in Goinia. My experience citizen, total empirical, it shows to me that circulating for the city as conducting, pedestrian or ciclista, I see much more infractions of what agents of the AMT. I perceive the continuous disrespect of the driver to the speed limits (Example? Botafogo delinquent), estacionamentos in forbidden areas (the outskirts of the Universe), speaking the cellular one (any esquina of the city), among others infractions. I do not see inspectors I descend the penxs as she would have to be made. These claims me more sound as esperneio of infractors contumacious people of what critical to the bad work of the agents.all the times that I was fined, I really was missed and I had made bobagem in trnsito.' ' I understand that the journalist, Pablo Kossa, open an enormous fan of reflections, that I leave in charge of the reader its proper conclusion.

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