Ecumenical Council

So anyone that it violates one of these commandments, and teaches men, very small will be called in the Kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5: 17 19 but, Constantine, imposed change, changed the day of rest on the last day, as stipulated in the law, for the day first week, which was the day that the pagans honored their God, Sol Invictus. This is a blatant alteration of law, alteration of which all the Christian world is complicit, sad and regrettable is that today, devotees and honest faithful in the whole world, believe faithfully keep the Sabbath day, refraining from doing activities in the day Sunday, when what is really happening is that they don’t do more than join the cult of Sol Invictus. The current language of the Empires and the developed world, we refer to the English language, called the first day of the week, SUNDAY, day of Sol Invictus. As you can well see, only in these earlier steps that we observe, have given by land, with two of the commandments enacted in the law: we refer to the second commandment, which ordered to refrain from worship and prostrate to any image or likeness of image, and the fourth commandment that required us strict observance of the Sabbath, the last day of the week on which God rested and glory of the creation of the Earth. Other alterations imposed by Constantine: the pictograms of Isis nursing her son Horus, conceived in a miraculous way, became precursors, of the image of Mary, nursing the little Jesus.

The MITRE, the altars, the robes of the Pagan priesthood, the throne where sits the Pope and his title of Pontifex Maximus, which is the same name, which sported the own Constantine, as high priest of Sol Invictus. The pre-Christian God Mithras, also called son of God and Luz de el Mundo was born on December 25, and said of him that he was buried in a tomb excavated in the rock and that, like Jesus, he rose on the third day. That same day, we venerate as Christmas day is also the day that commemorated the birth of Osiris, Adonis, and Dionysus. Collected in this incredible fusion of creeds, the fact that to the newborn Krishna worshiped in the East, was visited by monarchs and magicians, and gave him gold, frankincense and myrrh. As you can see, adds Shulem, the Ecumenical Council convened in the 3rd century of ours was, substantially transformed the original disciples of Jesus Christ doctrine and placed at the front of the new church a monstrosity in the image and likeness of the King of darkness, the God of this world, as he calls himself, Lucifer. The new religion, the Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church, became the religion of the Roman Empire, the consequences subsequent to resolved in the Council of Nicea, can be studied and analyzed by anyone who cares to investigate, there are profuse bibliography, which may happily be. Us, in our talks, will continue addressing the issue, but will do so through the testimony of the actors themselves, men and women have lived experiences, in the midst of anonymity, or have been victims of the destructive power of fools, those who have tried to hide or disguise, in the homeland back in the history, the reality of the facts.

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