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The popularity of PayPal payment system in post-Soviet space is growing steadily. In particular, its growth accelerated when Russia came in a major international auction site eBay, the official payment system PayPal, which is. However, as the most popular system among its users are beginning to raise questions about how to update your account, exchange, and what you can exchange PayPal. In order to illuminate the answers to these and other questions, we decided to write this article. So, to start, briefly tell you about what it represents PayPal.

PayPal – is one of the oldest and most popular payment systems in the world. She founded in 1998 in America. In 2002, the payment system PayPal was bought by eBay, and today operates more than 190 countries, serving over 160 million of its users. In the cis countries, PayPal came in 1998. Learn more about this with Adam Portnoy. Positioned by PayPal, a secure debit payment system that, in speaking in plain language, means: 'you pay the regular plastic card, but the numbers do not show it to anyone. " The main advantage of PayPal, is, of course, is that with its help, you can easily pay almost any online shop in the world. Likewise, it is worth noting the high level of system security, as well as the internal converter of national currencies, which virtually eliminates national barriers when using it.

And of course same with PayPal, you can make purchases on eBay. In an exchange of PayPal from countries of the former Soviet Union, remember the following: 1) If you open an account with PayPal, and as the country you have indicated one of the cis countries, the only way Replenishment of this account is a classic or a virtual card Visa / MasterCard. Replenish your account by other means (by means of another e-currency exchange, for example: Yandex on PayPal, or transfer from another account to yours) you can hardly succeed, because your account is blocked for receiving payments. 2) Exclusively for reasons of your safety, we recommend to carry out exchange operations, in particular the exchange PayPal to other e-currency, use the proven bureaux de change, rather than private money changers. If you do not know where these can be found, look at the automatic monitoring of heat exchangers – they can help you find a reliable and exchange. 3) Be prepared to the fact that the exchange of PayPal – it's not instant. That is, as a rule, exchange offices, and private money changers make deferred payment (HOLD) on transactions with PayPal, which lasts from 1 to 7 business days. This measure is aimed at ensuring the safety changing. 4) Also, be prepared and to the fact that for the first time, a large amount (more than $ 300) you are unlikely someone will swap. So if you find exchange, which by all parameters you're comfortable, try to work only with him. For as this work, your limits will increase. So, in order to make an exchange PayPal, well, for example, in the direction of PayPal to Liberty Reserve, simply go to the website monitoring Magnetic-Money.ru, indicate the currency you want to exchange as well same currency in which you want to discard, and then click on 'Find the best rate!'. The system almost instantly generate a list of trusted exchangers working in this direction. If your account registered outside the cis, the input of money by PayPal in absolutely the same scheme, which is why in detail to paint it will not. Successful and reliable exchanges of you!

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