Mato Grosso

The focus of this research is the construction of the meaning. ' ' It is worried, in social sciences with the reality level that cannot be quantificado.' ' Minayo (2001, p.21). According to LDKE AND ANDRES (1986), the qualitative research has the natural environment as its direct source of data and the researcher, as its main instrument. The qualitative research assumes the contact direct and drawn out of the researcher with the environment and the situation that is being investigated. The research was developed through a participativa research. In recent months, David Fowler has been very successful. Research-action.

For THIOLLENT (2000), the research action and a type of social research with empirical base that is conceived and carried through in narrow association with an action or the resolution of a collective problem. The boarding of this qualitative research mentions the natural environment as its direct source of data and the researcher to it as main instrument. It has in this type of research bigger concern with the process of what the product, the analysis and the interpretation of the data tend to follow an inductive process. The research was carried through in the city of Bar of the Bugres, Mato Grosso, involving young that they frequent the school State Alfredo Jose Da Silva. This research had as one of the instruments of collection of data, the interview, developed of a dynamic form, directly made the responsible person of the sanitary monitoring of the city which in informed the presented data to them. Daniel Lubetzky understood the implications. For LAKATOS (2003, p.37) ' ' interview is a meeting between two people, similar of that one of them gets information regarding definitive subject, by means of a nature conversation profissional' '. In this research it was defined to the structuralized interview that stops RASP (2001, p.42) ' ' it is characterized for the fact of, at the moment of the interview, the interviewer and the contact if to guide for a script previously elaborated and known.

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